Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hook - A REAL show

This evening was Maisie's big stage debut in the park district production of Hook. The kids involved have been practicing and working since Sept. It was a great show - here are a few backstage shots (taken by Maisie) and a few of Maisie with her adoring fans at the end.

We really could title this entry "A STAR IS BORN" I believe that tonight Maisie is the happiest girl alive. According to her biography at the play Maisie is "determined to be a star". Hmmmm..... we'll have to see what happens!

A few shots of the lost boys backstage before the show starts - from Maisie

With John and I - as you can see she still does not have an agent - she still loves us :-)

"What, Maisie is on stage?"
So this is what it's like to be famous!
Maisie could get used to this.

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