Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Halloween (A week early)

Here they are all dressed up for a day at Uncle Jack's house. We are going to Halloween Hallow - a festival with rides, games, and CARNIES!!!!! YeeHaw!


Nothing says "Halloween" like a petting Zoo! Jackson was really into walking the goat. The goat however was not really into walking on his leash. Must have had too much corn.

Hey Sammy, how many nuggets can you make out of that chicken?

Way to go Mr Incredible!

Jackson is so strong he was able to pull Maisie in the ride on tractor pull. I see a future strong man competitor!

Faster Jackson Faster!

Horse Rides at Halloween

Halloween Hallow

Here we are at Halloween Hallow. The kids had a great time on the rides, playing games and eating junk food. Not one tear was shed by this group - NO ONE was afraid of the spooky stuff

(except of course MAISIE!)

Maisie, Ben, Jackson, & Sammy

Check out those muscles on Mr Incredible!

The cutest Pumpkin Cat ever - Fiona!!!

Halloween........ Round one

Halloween - the best time of year - and not even for the candy. As you can see the Z kids love to dress up. Halloween is pretty much the only time we don't hassle the kids about wearing their costumes while out and about. Here they are before we headed to O'Jacks' for Halloween Hallow with the cousins. We can't wait to see what Jackson and Fiona are dressed up as!!!!! Oh... and for the record Ben is Mario not just any old plumber!

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