Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kurtis is Home!

Well Kurtis is going to have his name changed to Rocky, he is quite the fighter! Last week he became very ill and we didn't think he was going to make it. He had pneumonia and we had to leave him at the vet for four days. He picked up a virus at the shelter and since he was so young it almost killed him. He is home now thanks to the care of Rockingham Vet Clinic. He has to be kept secluded for a few weeks so he doesn't get Sky and Raymond sick but he is still not 100% so it's not as hard to do that as it would seem. He keeps having little coughing sneezing fits and stinks to high hell but day by day is getting better.

He is so glad to be home he purrs when Maisie manhandles him - that's a tough kitty!

Thompson Visit

We all had such a great visit with Jen and the kids. Abby and Sammy are two peas in a pod. Jen taught them how to knit so they knitted and sewed. They made Maisie a doll - it turned out pretty cool - especially since it was the first one either of the girls had ever made. They worked on various projects during the visit. They even had time to type out a newspaper!

Will, Jack, and Ben had a great time playing Playstation, talking YuGiO, and playing outside.

It makes me so happy to reconnect with friends from years' past and it is great to be out here and be within driving distance of friends and family!

A Visit from the Thompson Family

Jen, Abby, Will and Jack came for a visit. What a great time we all had! We went on a hike in hopes of tiring everyone out but Jen and I were the only ones who tired out. Jack was tireless and actually RAN the last of the hike in order to be the first one done - that kid has ENERGY!