Friday, March 25, 2011


Maisie's class hatched 9 baby chicks. They started with 11 eggs in an incubator in their classroom.

"One was named Spotty because he had black spots on him. I loved listening to the sound of the chicks chirping. They are so cute!" "First the chicks were a little germ spot in an egg and then the spot got bigger and bigger and when it got so crammed up in there the chick popped out. It takes 21 days for them to hatch. How a chick gets formed is a hen meets a rooster." " The parts of the egg are called the air pocket, the yolk, chilaza, and the embryo." By Maisie

Here are some are some pictures of the chicks last day in kindergarten before they headed to the farm. Maisie was sad to see them leave because they were so cute. We have promised her that soon enough, we will have our own chicks/chickens.

A Taste of Spring

Grandma brought a taste of spring with her when she was visiting a few weeks ago! Of course, it has left now that she has but it was fun while it lasted!