Monday, August 18, 2008

More Stanek Beach Days!

More Staneks!

The Staneks visit Sylvan Beach

The best part of our Sylvan Beach vacation? STANEKS!!!! We were lucky enough to have visitors. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins that unfortunately we only get to see once a year. Thanks for coming to visit us, we had a ton of fun as you can see!!!!

Last Day in Sylvan Beach

Sam was the only kid to stay behind with me the last night. We cleaned up the camp and talked about what a great week we had -

A visit with the B's

There just isn't enough to space to show how much fun the kids had with the B's on our visit with them before the wedding. These were the days before the kids had to get serious and get down to the business of looking good for the wedding and were a ton of fun. Maisie was able to play and be a part of the big kid crowd. Ben and Sam look up to their cousins Nick, Sam and Molly and it meant the world to me (Lisa) that they had a few days to play and have a good time. Thanks for hosting us and thanks for still being there for us Chris.

Yes, that's a trampoline!

That's right and just two days before the wedding. The kids had a blast being kids and whooping it up. Thank God there were no bumps, bruises or broken arms in the days before the big event!

The Reheasal Dinner

The Big Day

Well here it is.... the Big Day we'd all been waiting for. The wedding was beautiful. All of the kids did their jobs perfectly and the day
was all a bride and groom could dream of. Tom was handsome in his tux and Leslie looked like the
princess she is. Our kids were so lucky to be part of such
a special day. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Skyba!

The wedding

The Wedding

The T's

Here are just a few of things we did with the T's on our vacation. We were so busy with 6 kids that we hardly had time to take out the camera and take pictures. We went to a classic car show and had ice cream and hung out, went to the pool, and played and played. Thanks for being such great hosts!!


There were lots of arts and crafts to do at the Crayola Factory. Everyone had fun but the girls were a bit disappointed that the "Factory" wasn't really there. We did see how they made the crayons on a smaller scale. It was very cool!

The Crayola Factory in PA

Here are the kids at the Crayola Factory. It was our last day with the Thompson Family. Ben, Sam and Maisie had a great time with Will, Abby and Jack. Thanks for coming to the factory with us!