Sunday, October 2, 2011


I am so lucky to have Maisie!!!!!

She brings fun and beauty in my life. After spending the morning taking down trees and working on the chicken coop she gave me a makeover so we could go to a fancy tea at the library. We were the most sparkly people there!! I tell you, she is destined for big and beautiful things.

The Mighty Hunter

Curtis is loving fall and all the chipmunks - he is getting 3 to 5 a day! We are all is agreement, watching him hunt is better than TV, he is definitely into it for the thrill of the hunt!

Painting the coop

It's hard to tell what we slack more on... getting this coop finished or updated the blog. Here are some pics from a few weeks ago as we started painting the coop. It is really coming along and I HOPE the girls can move in soon - chicken girls not our human girls :-)