Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's been too long since we have updated!

Part of the reason is that I like looking at the Florida pictures soonest (even if the trip was last month) and the other is that we have been busy busy busy.   We had Maisie's eighth birthday, a bowling party, a birthday party with the Stanek kids (Liam is two and Jackson is seven) and the general business of catching up after vacation.  Most recently we added to our family.  For those of you thinking "OMG, the Zink's are crazy!!" Yes, we are but not like that.  We have added a puppy to our house temporarily.  She is 14 week old puppy that we are fostering for the agency that we adopted Freckles from.  She is a sweetheart and if you are thinking of adding a puppy to your life you should contact the agency to meet Mindy, she is a great dog needing her furever family.  So in no particular order here we go..... the last month of our lives.....

 Best Bowler @ Maisie's party
 All the crazy bowlers from Maisie's party
 Maisie's gal pals
 Girl Scout cookie sales
 Liam's birthday celebration - blowing out two candles is much harder than what you would think!
 Need we say more?
 The best picture you can get of eight kids and a dog after cake and a day of madness
 Maisie and her new best friend Mindy
 Mindy lounging on Maisie

 Freckles teaching Mindy some manners - including "sit" for a biscuit not "jump all over the person standing in front of you"