Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Best Part of Easter!

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The best part of Easter was the cousins. It even beats out all the chocolate!! The kids had a great time playing all day with Jackson and Fiona. Have a Happy Easter Everyone, we miss you!

Happy Easter

We celebrated Easter a day early. Here are our little ladies in their Easter bonnets that we decorated. (I love hot glue guns!) The night before Sam made three cakes with some of the molds that we got from Mary Dowd.

Watch out Martha, here come Sammy!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Zoo

The kids had the day off so we spent the day at the Zoo. What day! It was cold out but we didn't care. All it took was a wagon full of blankets, some goldfish crackers, and a juice pouch for each kid and this group was happy!!! There are more pics to load, both Ben and Sam took pics today. Ben took so many his camera ran out of batteries! Check back later in the weekend for an update.

The Zoo

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cat Show

On Saturday we went to the fairgrounds for a CAT SHOW. When we got inside all we could hear was "meow". Wherever we walked we saw different types of cats. There were Persians, Japanese Bobtails, Himalayians, and many others. We watched the judges declare which ribbons the cats won. When the judge picked up some of the cats the cats would meow or hiss. Sam and I felt sorry for the cats that didn't win ribbons since they looked like pretty cats. The most interesting cat that I saw was the Japanese Bobtail. They don't have a tail at all! The cat instead has a stubby ball on the end of their butt. There was one lady that sold cat houses she brought her cats to show people how much their cats would love the houses. There was a little girl that was about three years old playing in the cage with the cat and the cat houses. The cat jumped house to house and then at the top of one of the houses there was a little room for a cat to stay in and it stayed most of the time hiding. There was another cat that was a black cat. All it did was lay next to the cat houses. I would love to go to another cat show and interview more people. At this cat show I talked to the lady with the cat house and one of the judges. Cats are very fascinating. I am very surprised more people are not interested in cats. By Ben

Insulator Show

When we were finished at the Cat Show we decided to check out the insulator show across the way at the Fairgrounds. Insulators are what holds the wires on the telephone pole. Insulators are made of ceramic and glass. They are nonconductors. There are lots of people who actually collect these things. The show at the fairgrounds had about twenty collectors. They were there selling their conductors as well as talking about them. There were a few men who were nice enough to give us some insulators to start our own collection. A word of warning though...... Insulators are made of glass. They are breakable. Don't drop them on a tile floor in your front hall. They will not survive.
By Sammy

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Purse

Well it seems as though we lost all the pictures we took of this project as we worked on it. We are having technical difficulties and can't recover about 3 months worth of pictures. Don't fret.... I am sure we'll find them @ some point when we are trying to do something else :-)

In the meantime - here's the background - For Christmas Sammy got a sewing machine. She has been doing various little projects here and there, mostly making clothes for her monkey puppet Mr Bush and his wife Mrs Bush. Well she got this GREAT book from the library. It has been very inspirational to her - "in jean u ity" it's all about making stuff from you guessed it, old jeans. She has made three purses that she has given away as birthday gifts to friends. Here is the one she decided to keep, it is the pockets of John's old Levi's.

Spring Break was Broken

This year spring break must have been broken! It was cold, rainy and anything but spring like. Sammy and Maisie have been sick for a few weeks and we still can't really be out and about and around all of our friends. We spent a lot of time laying around the house and doing "projects". Sammy sewed almost everyday. Ben did a lot of drawing and cartooning and Maisie.... well Maisie did a lot of messing up. She played Polly Pocket, Barbie, Dress up, and every board game we had usually before 9:00 every AM. I was thankful to have the same vacation as the kids (yes, I am back to teaching) but we didn't attack it all with the same gusto as usual. We are hoping to end the break with some fun things over the weekend. We'll have to see how it goes. Check us out later in the weekend to see if it happened.