Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cat Show

On Saturday we went to the fairgrounds for a CAT SHOW. When we got inside all we could hear was "meow". Wherever we walked we saw different types of cats. There were Persians, Japanese Bobtails, Himalayians, and many others. We watched the judges declare which ribbons the cats won. When the judge picked up some of the cats the cats would meow or hiss. Sam and I felt sorry for the cats that didn't win ribbons since they looked like pretty cats. The most interesting cat that I saw was the Japanese Bobtail. They don't have a tail at all! The cat instead has a stubby ball on the end of their butt. There was one lady that sold cat houses she brought her cats to show people how much their cats would love the houses. There was a little girl that was about three years old playing in the cage with the cat and the cat houses. The cat jumped house to house and then at the top of one of the houses there was a little room for a cat to stay in and it stayed most of the time hiding. There was another cat that was a black cat. All it did was lay next to the cat houses. I would love to go to another cat show and interview more people. At this cat show I talked to the lady with the cat house and one of the judges. Cats are very fascinating. I am very surprised more people are not interested in cats. By Ben

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