Sunday, June 27, 2010


Not the Chicago Bears, real Bears....

We had some visitors at the house in NH.  Needless to say Maisie did not play outside off of the deck.  There was a cub and a mom, then a single bear a few other times.

Neat to see but not my cup of tea - who would have ever thought we'd be relieved to be back in VT for it's urban setting!

We cheated

We spent another weekend in New Hampshire in the Mountains.  This weekend we went up North to Franconian Notch to visit friends from IMS in IL.  We went to the top of Cannon Mt which is over 3500 feet up but this time we took the tram - it was much quicker and we have no blisters. 

This was Maisie's weekend alone with John and me.  Ben and Sammy stayed in Stillwater with Aunt Chriss and Uncle Andy.  Maisie told everyone all weekend - I LOVE BEING AN ONLY CHILD!  She was so much fun to be with, it is amazing how different she is when she gets attention from everyone Without needing to be naughty!

Maisie took a great picture of the grownups!  Here is Scott, Cindy, Michelle, Jerry, John and me