Monday, December 1, 2008

Cookies and McFlurries

It just doesn't get any better than this, not only did we get the baking stuff, we got a bunch of bags of cookies that Aunt Chriss already made. THANK YOU!

An early Christmas gift

Looks like our family is going to be doing a little baking and treat making! Thank you to the P's back home for the GIANT goodie box filled with baking stuff. The kids are going to have plenty of baking to do, now we just need to find some time to get it done!


So we know that all of you are wondering what exactly we did over that week long vacation, I'll tell you, not a whole lot! It was a good week of reading, doing crafts, puzzles, and laying around. Thanksgiving was a very quiet day compared to what we usually have. We missed everyone and spent alot of time giving thanks for having everyone in our lives. Ben and Sam have asked that next year we go back to the Thanksgiving we usually host but I don't know... it was kind of nice staying in our pajamas until dinner time.

The only reason Maisie likes snow

Maisie is not a big fan of the winter coat, snow pants, and gloves but she does like Hot Chocolate and MARSHMALLOWS!


First Snow! Yippie, it's not much but it's a good start, after all it's only Dec 1. As Ben so optimistically pointed out last night, "only nineteen more hours of this stuff and we can have a snowday!" He is my son.