Monday, December 22, 2014

Ecotour of PonceDeLeon Fountain of Youth

Brunch in the Sugar Mill

We had a great lunch at a restaurant at the springs that specialized in pancakes. Actually, they specialized in pancake batter, we cooked the pancakes ourselves. All of the tables had a built-in griddle in the middle. We received pitchers of batter, eggs, and bread to cook ourselves on our table. Maple syrup, molasses, and honey were provided to drizzle over our hot breakfasts, and we each had our own spatulas to flip our food. The restaurant was built inside a historical replica of an old sugar mill, which was powered by a stream coming from the historical "Fountain of Youth". We had a great day at the state park, where we took a boat tour, explored the historical site, and Maisie earned her "Junior Ranger" status from the park rangers. 

Hanging Around the Fountain of Youth

Sammy got a new boa!

The model's photo shoot


Two amazing Zinks

the ZS kids

Here are a few pics of us just having fun at the PonceDeLeon Fountain of Youth.  Sammy found an excellent boa that had fallen from the trees.  In the background is the pool, it is fed from an underground hot spring.