Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Although designed for camping I think this lamp will be getting plenty of use around the house.

Gifts for Freckles too!  New collar, sweater, and toys.  Pink is her color, wouldn't you say?

Sam's new clay pasta machine.  You should see the potential!!!!

Maisie and Grandpa

Since it was too cold to go outside and see the chickens, Sammy brought one in for Liam to see.  Liam and the chicken were both pretty surprised!

Littlest and cutest guy here today!

Animal Lessons   - Liam knows his animals and was given Uncle John a little help.

  The nicest words to ever hear.....    "It's just what I wanted!"

We think Fiona was digging her Christmas gifts.

Ben and Grandpa

Party Time

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas.  We had an action packed day.  Here are a few with Grandma and Grandpa and the Stanek cousins.  Lots of smiles all day long!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sammy is Twelve

This has been Sammy's birthday weekend!  Friday at school her friends surprised her with decorating her locker and filling it candy so when she opened it it was a tumble of sugar.  Friday night she had a friend sleepover and then Sat she slept at her friend's house whose birthday is coming up this week.  (Happy Birthday Becca!)  Today was the best day of all though.  Her friend Emily surprised her with a gathering of her friends at the student center at Wheaton College.  Sam thought she was going to a piano recital and when she got there..... SURPRISE!!!!!   It was a great afternoon and the college is beautiful.  It was our first time going there and everyone had a great time.  There was a student lounge that they played Shuffleboard, ping pong, chess, and foosball in and chatted with one another while Em's mom and I played Ping Pong.    It was a day we were all grateful for.  Once again, what a great weekend!  Happy Birthday Sammy!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Please sign the petition

PHOTO: Vermont brothers Austin Leclaire, 13, and Max, 10, both have Duchenne muscular dystrophy, but only Max is able to get treatment in a promising clinical trial.

Austin McNary is one of Ben's friends from Saxtons River, Vt.  Sadly he is fighting for his life.  He has Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy.  DMD is a fatal disease that effects 1 in 3,600 boys

As of now there is no cure for DMD but families are holding out hope.  A new drug has been introduced to a control group of boys that is making a difference.  Austin's brother Max has had access to this drug and it has made a huge difference in stopping the progression of DMD.  Austin did not have access to the drug's study since he is already wheelchair bound.  There is a chance the FDA can fast track this drug but in order for it to happen there needs to be 10,000 more signatures on the petition for the FDA to consider it.  Will you please sign the petition?  If could be what makes the difference between life and death for a sweet, fun loving, kind 13 year old boy.

The site for the petition is:


Also is a letter that you can read, print, and sign. 


Please do what you can to help support Jen and Craig McNary.  Just like us, their children are the most important thing in their lives and they just want Austin to have a chance.


Sunday, December 9, 2012


Kevin to the rescue again!  Yesterday he and John framed out Sam's new room in the basement.  Nothing like getting a professional on the job!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Concert

Sniffle Sniffle, my babies are growing up.  Only one kid was in the holiday concert at the high school this year.  Maisie and the second grade were great!  They sang a Hawaiin Christmas, Joyous Hanukkah, and Winter Fun.

Here is Maisie...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Great Day!

Today was a beautiful day!  You could never have guessed that it was the last day of November.  The chickens and dog enjoyed one of the last shiver free days of the year together.  Freckles has trained very well.  We are so pleased with her.  She has proven herself trustworthy with the chickens!  We can leave her out in the yard with the birds and not only does she not eat them, she barks and rounds them up in the coop if the neighbors dogs come sniffing around the fence or she sees people other than us coming.  Besides working independently she is a great partner for any one of us.  When we let the birds out to free range they are sometimes hard to get back in the run.  Well not with Freckles on hand!  We give a few claps and give her the call and she can get those birds in the run in less than a minute.  The new birds are still giving her a hard time but I think that's because THEY aren't trained.  Rather than heading for the door when the dog comes around them they all scatter like an explosion.  It's something we are working on and by spring I am confident we won't have any issues with any of our current birds.  Here are a few pics of Freckles and her charges.  The group behind her is the group that is still giving her a hard time.  It's the Ugly Duckling (the big brown one) who is the worst!