Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Although designed for camping I think this lamp will be getting plenty of use around the house.

Gifts for Freckles too!  New collar, sweater, and toys.  Pink is her color, wouldn't you say?

Sam's new clay pasta machine.  You should see the potential!!!!

Maisie and Grandpa

Since it was too cold to go outside and see the chickens, Sammy brought one in for Liam to see.  Liam and the chicken were both pretty surprised!

Littlest and cutest guy here today!

Animal Lessons   - Liam knows his animals and was given Uncle John a little help.

  The nicest words to ever hear.....    "It's just what I wanted!"

We think Fiona was digging her Christmas gifts.

Ben and Grandpa

Party Time

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