Sunday, July 22, 2012



Next time we need to actually take some time to take the camera out and take some more pictures.  We had a great weekend camping here in IL with friends.  It was the first time I have camped without John but the kids did a great job sharing in all of the work.  The big kids are able to start and tend the camp and cooking fires now and helped with the tent set up and take down.  Ben was instrumental in helping me how to figure out how to set up the "easy set up" screen house that I wanted to toss into the river.  Maisie was great this weekend too, she had fun swimming in the Kishwaukee River and was a trooper when her legs got shredded by the Rice Cutgrass.  Although Sammy spent alot of time fishing she didn't get many bites and didn't catch anything.  Thanks Lustig Family and Holiday Acres for another fun and memorable camping trip!

The Renaissance Fair

John and the girls went to the Renaissance Fair last weekend.  Maisie had a great time choosing her outfit and being a peasant for the day.  Sam was all about the turkey leg.  Maisie's most memorable part of the day???  The DUEL TO THE DEATH!