Sunday, February 27, 2011

PARTY - Maisie is SIX now

What a great day Maisie had yesterday. She had a birthday party with some of her friends @ Kid Zone at the Y. They had so much fun running and playing, yelling and screaming. John and I had so much fun NOT telling them to stop! I think all of her parties will be away from home from now on!

A very special thank you for Joy, Nessah, Ben, and Sam for painting faces and running games. They worked so hard to make it all happen just the way the Maisie wanted it.

Thanks also to Uncle Jack for bringing all of the cousins up to play. We had so much fun with them!

Kids' Work

Ben and Sam have brought some nice pieces of their work home from school - here are a few of them. Can you see what artists they have been studying?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fancy Nancy Tea Party at the Library

Here are Fiona and Maisie at the Fancy Nancy Tea Party at the library. We worked on the key skill of sticking out your pinky when holding a fancy glass and all about accessorizing. The pinky skill is about the equivalent of teaching a three year old to wink - what a blast!

Princesses in training
The pinky....
Which one is the pinky?

As close to pierced ears as this group is going.....

Another key component of being fancy is having a fancy dog to keep in a purse, got it?

Old News

Even Ray isn't considering going outside. Here is our "view" out of the front window

Our above ground pool is now flat!

By now it's old news but here are some more of our snow day pictures