Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blueberry girl

EHarmony Picture

Ben's EHarmony Photo
Courtesy of Miss Tressa


A great storm cut our walking tour short.
We had to wait it out at the general store.  
Lots of rainbows at the end. 
Isn't that how life is?

Tour Around Town

We gave our visitor Miss Tressa the walking tour around town - here it is for those of you who aren't going to be able to make it for a visit yourself

Patriotic Neighbors
Historical Society
View off the bridge
Best looking residents in town and their visitor

Princesses, Bunnies and Ben Oh My

Miss Tressa is the best sport ever!


All Sammy need to make cookies was the excuse of a visitor..... She found the recipe on the internet and did it all herself.  The only evidence I found when I came home from the airport was the mice!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


by Ben

  • Bats are good
  • Put in a bat house to get rid of them maybe going in your house
  • Bats are not birds
  • The ears of a bat are extremely sensitive to sound
  • Bats are not blind as most people believe
Final Fact: Bats are extremely creepy when they are in the living room in the middle of the night and your dad is out of town and you are sleeping in the living room and your mom is too much of a spaz to do anything about them as they fly around your living room screaming while your three cats try to catch them.

Nature Museum up North

We had a great time at the Nature Museum in Monshire with Miss Tressa yesterday!  The kids enjoyed the outdoor water exploration and the nature trails.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Found us a new swimmin' hole at the river.  It is fine!

BTW.. the rapids aren't too deep and the current where we go is pretty gentle.  Maisie pointed out as she shot out of the rapid "Wow, Mother Nature made a great water slide".  I couldn't agree more!


The best part of July in Vt is not the fourth like we thought, it is blueberries!  The kids have gone picking with me twice and we've picked about fifteen pounds.  Let's hear it for child labor!

Maisie's Art Camp

Maisie has been having her own art camp
Here she is with her drawing that she had the Polly Pockets pose for - I guess she does have the creative gene after all!

One Week at Summer Camp

You wouldn't believe the fun Ben and Sam had at just a week of summer camp.  In only a few hours a day they came home with enough happiness to last weeks!  Lots of crafts, good old fashioned games, and stilt walking. 

The kids practiced walking on stilts all over MSA and then walked to school and back which is up (and then back down) a pretty steep hill.  The loved the reactions they got from everyone who saw them out walking although Sam asked me why teens swore so much .  When I asked her what she meant she said everytime a teenager saw them they did a double take and yelled "Holy ****"!  I told her not to take it personally it was simply shock and awe and that teenagers sometimes have a hard time expressing themselves. :-)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aaron - our Fishing Guide

Fish for dinner at the Zinks!  Aaron our fishing guide (Ben's friend) decided to fish at the creek near the house.  Within two seconds he caught a fish to eat for dinner.  Check out the dressings on this baby....  Ben

4th of July

What an awesome weekend!  We were told about what a blast it is here in Saxtons River for the Fourth and we were not disappointed.  The Renners came to visit for the weekend, Papa came for a day, we had a BBQ, went to a parade, and watched the Fireworks from VA.  Here is recap of what we got in pics, it truly doesn't do our weekend justice - especially since somehow Hillary, Stacy, and Samuel managed to escape the camera.