Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the boat

Going swimming and tubing off the party barge with Uncle Joe.

Waking up at camp

Some mornings you wake up to mice and some mornings you wake up to geese. As you can guess, I prefer the geese.

Camp 4U

We had lots of fun with cousins at camp. There were boat rides, swimming in the lake, fireworks, and of course a campfire. When they are at camp the kids forget how much they miss home. Sam has learned how to paddle a canoe and all of the kids have been fishing and jumping off of Uncle Joe's boat in the middle of the lake. Everyone - EVEN MAISIE has gone tubing.

Echo Lake

The kids climbed their first Mountain. John thinks it was more like a hill, but I'll tell you, it sure seemed like a mountain to us! The view was beautiful and it was a great reminder that our land should not be covered in strip malls. We are finding that Vt is much more rural than what we imagined and it is going to take some getting used to but I think we'll be able to do it. In the middle of the climb there was a graveyard (you can see it behind Sammy in one of the pictures). The dates on the stones went back to the 1850s - it was interesting thinking about the history of the area and discussing with the kids how this area played into Early America. The Zink kids have alot to learn about the NorthEast and are excited to do it!