Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Chicks - Arrival Day

Here are the chicks when we first got them last week - they were very small and have grown in the four days that we have had them. Right now they are in a cage in the Living Room and EVERYONE (cats included are having a ball watching them).

New House

We have closed on our new house. We are very excited about it all, even all of the work in front of us. For all of you far away who have been asking for pictures here are some but please keep in mind, we are still in transition and things are a mess!!!

New House

Front Living Room

Dining Room


Back Living Room - not sure if you can see it, but look at that view!!! Our neighbors have a horse paddock so when the kids go out to play the horses come out to watch them and check them out. We are hoping to start trading eggs for horse rides soon.
The other part of the living room - once again, an awesome view!

Our Chicks!

We have nine new additions to our family. They are Esperanza, Teggun, Speck, Dinosaur, Daisy, Secura, Stevie, Alice, and Buttercup. What do you think????