Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moving on out!

The chicks are moving out into the yard during the day now. The run is temporary and they can not be left alone but they are digging the yard (literally!) Still waiting on a permit from the county and a completed coop by my husband....... Sammy likes sitting out in the run with the girls and keeping them company. Over the weekend she was digging up worms for them and pointing out bugs they should go for. Today she just sat in a lawn chair while Teggun perched on her shoulder. Teggun is preferring hanging out with Sammy in a lawn chair to scratching around and hanging with the other peeps. Although Sammy likes Teggun we are hoping this changes soon and she realizes she is a chicken.

Maisie's Post

Here is a pictorial post by Maisie - a few self portraits and a few visitors......