Sunday, April 22, 2012

Loose Tooth

Maisie has a loose tooth.  Sammy is doing everything possible to help her get it out.  I think she is asking for a small percentage of what the tooth fairy brings as a "co-pay" for services rendered.

Me and My Tractor

What more needs to be said?  Maisie got a little ride with me today.  She has a special "tractor" outfit that she likes to wear.  It's nice, but I have a hard time seeing around her hat while we are driving. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Earings

New Earings that dangle!

Yes, the rest of the fashion world has been wearing feather earings for over a year now but it is only this past weekend that Maisie saved up enough money AND got the all clear from Claire's to wear non-post earings .  These earings will not be worn while at school under the threat of being CONFISCATED by the world's "meanest mom" who caught this same person wearing a tank top at school (against the school dress code) since she wore it underneath another shirt to get out the door in the AM. 

For anyone who knew me as a teen you are probably laughing but I am not.  This is not what I thought my cute little baby would end up like at age 7!

Apple Trees

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Monday, April 9, 2012

My New Tractor!

Mom and Dad gave us the ultimate gift, a new tractor.  It Rocks!!!! I am looking forward to all of the extra time I will gain by not taking two three hour sessions of lawn mowing with the push mower.  Besides the mower, there is a sweet cart on the back that we can haul stuff around in.  It was great for cleaning up brush and branches last week.  Speaking of brush and branches, after about 8 hours of chipping and a few great friends coming to help, we are now almost ready for our new fence to be installed.  It will make life much easier and safer for our pets and kids.  We are looking forward to the dog and our cats being fenced in and especially the chickens.  Last week a dog attacked the coop - we are nervous it is going to happen now that we are on that dog's radar.  We think we are going to loose one chicken who was badly injured.  I guess in the big picture it's not a big deal, but is upsetting none the less.  We are hoping a fence on our open sides will prevent it from happening again. 


PS.... This is the rare occasion of John being on the tractor.  I really don't like to share it and usually it's me who drives it!
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April 9, 2012 Finally an easier way!

So you may have noticed, we rarely update the blog these days.  We were struggling with the uploading time and all of the software.  Too many things going on to get it right.  Well, I think we have finally figured out what we needed to upload and it can go a little easier.  Hopefully this will lead to more updates more often. 

So for now.... without any more excuses......
Happy Easter!  
 Maisie has changed her chocolate bunny into a chocolate bear - YUMMY

Why eat a peep when you can make a cool scene instead?  Here is Sam's creation - Peep School

Staneks here for an Easter Visit - lots of fun - we should have taken many more pictures!!!!

Worlds best dog is getting better and bigger!!!
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012