Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grafton Cheese Co

Hiking Day

We decided to take advantage of the sunshine on Sat and went back to Grafton on a hike. This time we did the "little bear" trail. It was much shorter but still very long for our family. We all need to work on our stamina and we also need to work on working together to encourage Maisie instead of screaming at her when she lays on the ground panting saying she can't go another step further (this happens about every quarter of a mile). Sam finally found the way to motivate Maisie - mini marshmallows in her snack bag - too bad we were almost finished with the hike by then! On the way home we stopped in Grafton at the Grafton Cheese Factory. We took full advantage of the free samples!! Ben of course didn't touch the cheese but loved their high end crackers. We bought two new kinds of cheese to try - if we can find a way to ship them to people we will, they were incredible!! One was a maple smoked cheddar and the other was a "duet" it was cheddar with blue cheese on the inside - Sammy loved it! The last group of pictures with the suspension bridge is a bridge over the Saxton River on the way out of town - we've been looking at it from the road and wanted to see what it was like. Maisie was a little worried there would be crocodiles underneath and was pleased to see there wasn't :-) After looking at the signage we are guessing the bridge is part of the VAST trails - a series of trails all over VT.