Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday Delaney and McKenna
Happy birthday to you

Splash pad party - two beautiful little girls a lot of happy children! 

June garden

This June's garden has had a lot more rain than last year's June garden.  It's been great for all of the transplants we have put in from our back backyard, Bab's garden, and the garden down the street.  The kids have added a few fairy gardens and some other little focal points.  The raised beds are doing great.  We've already done a few harvests of the herbs, lettuce, chard, and a few peppers.  I am anxiously awaiting the leggy peas that are filling in as well as the pickling cucumbers.   In the front we've had to put up wire around the strawberries to keep the rabbits out.  We've been able to pick about 4 or 5 cups of berries total which has far surpassed last year's harvest.  My only issue is weeding, the rain is keeping the Creeping Charlie creeping and it seems like it just won't ever end.  We also have lots of wild garlic, dandelions and other things that I don't even know what to name.  So here it is - a few pics that don't even begin to give the beauty justice.....

Monday, June 10, 2013

Away at Camp

It's quiet here at home.  All the kids have gone away to camp for a few days.  Maisie is gone for two and the big kids for five.  I miss them but I am so happy they have this opportunity, their camp is awesome!

 Here is a view of the Girls' Cabins.  They are in separate cabins.  Maisie is with five other girls her age and two counselors - I was able to help her make her bed and get settled in.  Here she is on her bottom bunk - she is so excited to be on her own for a few days!
Sammy's cabin is the nicest of all the cabins.  It is reserved for the oldest girls at camp, this week Sammy falls into that group.  Notice the knotty pine walls and ceiling.  They also have screens on the windows, their own bathroom with a tiled floor, and overhead lighting.   This may sound basic but at Camp S it is considered Luxury!

Here are the kids at the Camp Store.  This is where they get to come every afternoon and buy what they need to get through the day.  I think it is mostly Gatorade, candy, and other important stuff like jelly bracelets and sunglasses.  Notice Ben - he is trying very hard not to be affiliated with the girls and me at this point.  He managed to escape almost all of my pictures.

Dining Hall, this is where the magic happens.... sloppy joes, taco night, spaghetti.....
The River - finally at a good level for swimming and butt surfing!
The Arts and Crafts House - when we peeked in it looked like the kids had a week of painting benches coming up.  I can't wait to see the finished product!

Cake Maker

Sammy has been introduced to the world of fondant - there is no stopping her now!