Monday, August 18, 2008

A visit with the B's

There just isn't enough to space to show how much fun the kids had with the B's on our visit with them before the wedding. These were the days before the kids had to get serious and get down to the business of looking good for the wedding and were a ton of fun. Maisie was able to play and be a part of the big kid crowd. Ben and Sam look up to their cousins Nick, Sam and Molly and it meant the world to me (Lisa) that they had a few days to play and have a good time. Thanks for hosting us and thanks for still being there for us Chris.

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Anonymous said...

Anytime!! You know we miss you tons. It was a lot of fun and Its the best thing in the world for these kids to really know their family. I hope there isn't such a long time in between. take care guys