Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just another Remake....

Now for anyone who knew my cousins Les and Matt and my brother Jack and me growing up you'll remember quite well (although maybe not fondly) that every time we got together we would have a "show". Didn't matter if it was for a few hours or a week long get away, a huge part of our time together would consist of us planning the costuming, programming, and all other important details of "the show". "The show would then turn into every adult present sitting and watching us perform some very well honed talents for as long as we could get them to sit (roller skating, dancing, singing, circus performing, re-enacting "Grease" or lipsincing to Ktel Records - you name it, we did it!). Well flash ahead 30+ years and imagine my surprise as I heard Maisie bossing Jackson, Fiona, Sammy, and Ben around saying "hurry up, it's almost time for the show". I peaked down in the basement and low and behold they were working on a show!!! About the only details worked out tonight were the roles, costuming and the plan of it being "Peter Pan". I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Luckily today we have flip cams- we can edit it and everyone can watch from afar.

Drum Roll Please

Presenting the Cast of Peter Pan:

Ps.... Peter Pan seems to have been replaced by a very disturbing looking clown - I guess that's the twist that will keep us guessing.....


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