Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy Summer Vacation!

Well it's mid-July & summer is halfway over.  We just returned from an awesome vacation at Camp 4U in NY.  While we were there we visited Howe's Cavern.  The last time I was there was in 1982 and John was there a few years later.  Things have changed up on top since then but not too much down below.  The kids enjoyed it and Ben thinks he wants to become a cave explorer now.  Sam spent the week at Camp 4U fishing on Uncle Joe's boat with John and is officially addicted now.  As usual Maisie spent the most time in the water.  She is quite the swimmer and can catch up with the paddle boat now when the big kids are trying to escape on it.  Want to know how we know this???  As always Uncle Joe entertained the kids with tubing.  Our kids and my cousin Missy's boys had fun playing in the water together.    You'll see a few pics of Freckles at camp.  She had fun too.  She spent some time off-leash and was in the water too.  She wasn't brave enough to let her feet get off the bottom, maybe next year......

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