Monday, August 5, 2013

Camp 4U (or me)

What would a trip to NY be without a trip to Camp 4U with the Stanek Family?  It was a great way to kick off our vacation and we had such a good time seeing everyone that we haven't seen since our last trip to camp.  The kids all agree with me.  If it was possible to stop time this is where we would do it.  There is never enough time for all of the fun, love, and smiles we share here.  Thanks to all of our relatives who headed out for the day, we should have taken more pictures to capture the fun.  Thank you Mary Ann for your generosity in sharing Camp with us!

 Captain Iza and her ship of fools...

There are those that are willing to swim off the dock and those that aren't.  Those that are are the people who don't mind sinking in muck up to their shins, having seaweed wrap around their legs, and the humiliation of getting dragged out of the water by their lifevest.  Maisie as you can see LOVES jumping off the dock.  Well, as we are all getting used to saying around her "whatever floats your boat"....

Sammy spend a huge amount of time fishing and was pulling the fish out seconds after putting the hook in the water.  She even caught a few fish with nothing but a shiny hook.  Go figure!!  Must have been her new good luck hat.

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