Friday, November 2, 2012

New Chickens

The Ugly Duckling - a Cochin

Amelia, Sam's friend and partner in 4H with one of the new chickens.  We aren't sure what kind of chicken she is.

We have done it!  We successfully have integrated six new hens.  We were up to 15 hens but then Daisy one of our leghorns died so we are holding steady at 14 now.  We think Daisy may have swallowed some kind of non-food item that got lodged in her digestive track.  It was a sad day, she is one of the blue ribbons egg layers that helped Sam win at the Dupage County Fair this summer.  Hopefully one of the new hens will take over and we'll have some more blue ribbon layers this summer.  Here are three eggs from the new hens.  They are a bit smaller than the eggs we have been getting from the other chickens but in time they will get larger.  Three of the new hens lay white, two lay blue,and one lays brown.  They are all so pretty!

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