Friday, July 6, 2012

Strange Weather - Bad Weather

So I guess it's not enough that it has been over 90 degrees for the last few weeks.  Mother Nature figured she would throw in a crazy wind storm.  Well, thanks!  It wasn't what we planned but due to a huge tree that broke in half in the far back yard we have now doubled the sunny areas on our property.  On it's way down the Oak took five or six smaller trees out with it.  Mostly they are unplanned garbage trees so it's all good but it is sure going to be a lot of work splitting the oak up. The hundred degree temperatures for the past two days haven't made the job of hauling it to the front for pickup easy so I think we are going to just have to rent a chipper on our own when things cool off. 

We are going to mulch mulch mulch and then try building the area up for some future gardening.  We've always wanted to try planting corn and pumpkins but never had enough sunny space to give up.  Well it seems as though now we do!  We are going to look into what is best for soil prep and try to get this all cleaned up by fall so we can plant next spring.

BTW.... My apple trees were not hit.  One was actually straddled by the branches of the oak but it's almost like the oak made an effort not to hit it. 

Bye bye old oak tree you will be missed

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