Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reading in the tent

So we can't figure out why Maisie is having such a hard time concentrating on reading while in her tent.....  notice her pals?    Pooh (the kitten) and Freckles (the puppy) continue to be good friends and love Maisie.  Their wrestling is becoming a little more one sided as Freckles tops out at about 40 pounds.   I wish I could post the video of them in the tent together.  All you see are the sides bursting out while it rolls all over the living room and Maisie tries to get out the door while screaming "Be nice!".  I'll have to get one of my technical advisors to take care of this for me (Ben/Sam)

1 comment:

Ruth G said...

Sounds like it could be a cartoon dustcloud with fists poking out in every direction and the word bubbles for Pooh (hiss), Freckles(grrr) and Maisie (be nice!)
Thanks for sharing!