Monday, June 18, 2012

On our way to summer camp

Old Route 66 on the way to summer camp

Sammy's last greasy meal for the week! 

Here we are on our way to dropping Ben and Sam off for five days of sleep away Summer Camp.  This is the first time for them both going to camp.  You'll notice Maisie is absent from the photos this time.  Well that is because she is at her own private sleep away camp.... GRANDMA AND GRANDPA'S house back in NY. 

This is a first time for John and I being all alone in the house for more than a night in almost 13 years.  It's pretty interesting.  We are working on completing some projects to surprise the kids.   Wait until they see what we have done!!

All of the household pets are moping around missing the kids especially the dog.  She got into trouble today for pawing the hose until it turned on and then digging a giant hole in the surrounding mud.  This is the first time she has ever been bored enough to do something bad. We need those kids back home to watch her.  In the meantime Pooh does what she does all the time now.... sleep!

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