Monday, October 3, 2011

Finally - Moving Day Arrived!

Happy chickens
Back end of coop & run
Crazy steep ramp - not sure we are going to have to adjust to make less steep

Western side of coop - entrance to run (a door we found in our shed) and a chicken "spy" window that we dug out of the garbage. The window was alot of fun to look through as the chickens were getting settled * see later photos

Lots of space to forage under to coop and in the run and it is already nice and muddy from Kevin and John working and trampling all of the mint and weeds in the area.

The human girls showing the feathered girls how to go up the ramp

*chicken spy window

Sam's murals for the chickens, there is a picture of each of the girls - not sure if we'll add more pics if we add more chickens. It might not be fun painting inside the coop once the chickens have been living there for a while since the world is their toilet.

The chickens are moved in! What a great day for us as a family, we worked together and we did it!! Look at Sam's murals on the inside, we hope this makes the girls happy and they lay more - right now we are up to 4/5 eggs a day. We are having problems with some of the chickens egg eating but we hope that their new nesting boxes and the permanent coop will solve the issue. If not, it may be roasters for dinner soon!

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