Friday, June 11, 2010

Wilderness School

These are my friends Sam and Jonas. 

These are pictures from my wilderness class.  It was a class that I learned about how to survive if I was alone in the wilderness.  I learned a lot and if I every get stuck in the wilderness I think I would know what to do.  Some of the things I learned were:  how to make a fire, a bow and arrow, and a fishing rod.  I learned what you can eat in the wilderness like dandelions, fish, and other edible plants like root beer.  I can make my own shelter and I can make animal calls.  There is something called Indian Walk that is a way to walk so silently you can sneak up on something so quietly that it doesn't hear you.  I am able to do this well.  I know because I snuck up on Maisie so quietly that I almost made her wet her pants!

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