Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sammy's First Ski Race!

Today Sammy was lucky enough to go to Grafton Ponds for a Ski Race with her friend Lia and her family. Here is what Sammy had to say about the whole thing....

The first race was for kids and Lia and I got prizes.  It was an obstacle race you had to go through and over tubes, climb on top of giant haystacks, then take your skis off and go down the tubing hill in a blowup tube.  From there you raced back to the ski lodge for more prizes.  I liked it a lot and I am so grateful for Lia and her family inviting me to go with them. We had a delicious lunch of Brownies and BBQ chicken! Afterwords we used some 2 man skies but the 2 man ski race was canceled. We had a wonderful time at the 3rd annual ski race at Grafton Ponds!

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