Sunday, November 1, 2009

A New Zink

No, we are NOT having a baby. We got a kitten today. He is very cute and yes, he is cat number three. The local no kill Shelter "TARPS" (the animal protection society) is very overcrowded right now with cats/kittens. The kids and I read their column in the local paper every week and have been talking about adding a new cat to our herd. You know... Ben is hoping we can eventually open a cat farm (don't ask, he really does dream of it). Well we won't have a cat farm but since we have the room and the resources right now we figured we'd do what we can. His name is Kurtis (which was a plus) he is very snuggly and mischievous. He will fit in perfectly with Raymond, Skywalker (and of course Rizzo). He only had to bite Maisie twice today. You will notice she is the only one of our kids who is NOT holding him in a photo.

I am going to pass on a bookmark - it is a web site to vote for shelters to get grant funding and it is decided by votes. Vote for TARPS in Chester, VT. We know, it isn't local to you but if you saw the shelter you would understand. The cats & kittens need help and the funding provides them with food, shelter, and vet care until someone like us takes them home. No public funding goes to this organization - it is all volunteers.

Vote early and Vote often - sign in daily:

Thanks, we miss you!

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