Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marshmallow Farming

On our way home from the bank Maisie asked us about the marshmallow farm we were passing. We didn't understand what she meant until she pointed out all of the "marshmallows" she saw (it was bailed hay but you can't explain somethings to Maisie). We pulled over so I could take a picture since the farm was outside the drivers window. Ben was sitting in the front passenger seat beside me with the window open. He freaked out when he saw what was outside his window (see the other pictures).

John has to stop in the AM to let the cows cross the road on his way to work, I guess we need to be listening to a new traffic report in the AM.

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Our family said...

Hey Zoe, did you know they grow marshmallows in VT? If you come over we can go pick some. Love Maisie