Friday, October 9, 2009

Here it is!

Finally here are some pictures of the outside of our new home. Just like our last house we have no true front door. We are on a corner lot so either door is the front, depends on which way your coming from. Where you see the flag is what we call the front door - there is an enclosed entry way that leads to the living room. The backdoor (which is flapping open in the picture) leads to a new back porch/mudroom that is lined with hooks for all the coats, backpacks. The green house is on the back of the house behind the flat yellow extension - I'll have pics of that in our next entry. The red building you see is our garage/barn. It is a huge barn with a loft on top with a room for storage and a really big clubhouse. The kids have a ping pong table, couch, love seat, and all kinds of other treasures up there. It is every kids' dream come true. The bottom of the barn is divided into three sections. Two bays to store the cars in the winter and then another area for down stairs storage.

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