Monday, May 11, 2009

Ben camping

"Camping was pretty fun. I fished and learned to use a new slingshot. Fishing was pretty hard and I didn't catch anything but I tried for a long time. I can cast but I don't put the worm on the hook by myself because they slither too much and they are too big and juicy and fat and hard to put on. For the slingshot Sam and I gathered rocks and flinged them them off of Beaver Island and if we were lucky they made it to the other side. We played at a park at the campground and went to the activity barn. We played games and made my mom cookies for Mother's Day. Sam and I won coupons for a free dessert at the campground restaurant. It was a fun weekend even though it rained on Friday night and I was scared and had to go to the car for about half an hour because of the thunder and lightening. I missed the cats but I had fun playing at the campground. I want to go back again." By Ben

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