Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snacks with Santa

This is one of our favorite family's traditions, Snacks with Santa. The kids sang with the chorus, Ben and Sam chatted with Santa (Maisie wanted NOTHING to do with him) and there was face painting (the Rudolph nose). This year was even more fun than usual. After snacks we went to our friend's the Shramer's house and and ice skated on their pond in their backyard late into the night. It was a dream come true, a true blizzard, a big bunch of our friends, loud rock and roll, lots of smiles, and best of all, no injuries! John even skated with us. After a few hours with the hockey sticks out we were getting a little bit crazy and decided we needed to start a neighborhood no check hockey league - what do you think the chances of that happening are ? Our only regret with the night was that we couldn't take any pictures!

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